Friday, October 8, 2010

Johnny Rivers, Secret Agent Man and Seventh Son

A couple of songs to get your blood moving for the long weekend, have a great Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. Johnny Rivers is one of my favorites.

1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts

If you ever thought metal was a boring substance, watch what happens when bullets hit it while being filmed with a special slow motion camera. There is also a segment where they shoot through glass, you will note just how tough ordinary auto glass can be!

Not so slick but a good place to understand what bullets and guns can and can’t do, I present the “Box O truth"

Dam Beavers!

Beavering away at a tree!

Had to fly up to Fort St John this week to look at a worksite. The rep from the company told me they weren’t the only ones working at the site. Here is a fairly unique beaver dam started with a foundation of rocks with the beginnings of the traditional dam of sticks and mud on top of it. All the construction you see here took place over a month and half. Pretty impressive stuff these beavers do. For even more impressive check out this link to the worlds largest beaver dam! For a good laugh check out the "Beaver dam letter"

From the air

Travelling in style!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It could happen to you

Municipality’s create bylaws because Canadians love to complain and politicians need to get elected every 4 or so years. It has gotten to the point that there is almost no way your average Canadian can go through the day without violating some bylaw or laws. Here is a suggestion, write your municipality and demand that they reduce the number of bylaws by 15%. If enough people do it, the politicians will pick up on it, because they can be seen to be doing “something” Of course be prepared for the backlash when you pick on someone’s “sacred cow” and be prepared for someone to want to get rid of something you like.
Follow the link to this blog about a couple organizing a party and getting into trouble. Here is a tip for dealing with Bylaw Officers, make them give you a card, write down exactly what they are saying, show it to them and ask them if what you have written is correct. Also record the actions of the officers. Many bylaw officer don’t understand the limits on their powers and breaching them could put them in a difficult position. If they start threatening you, don’t follow the cycle of anger, maintain calm and record details. Have someone tape the interaction. Doing so changes the dynamic. Also don’t start the conversation off with anger, Bylaw officers are human also and a “Good morning, Hello” goes a long way to setting the tone.

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