Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EU financial crisis explained in lay terms

Which is least unsafe?

Option A - To be in a vehicle with a Latin and a Teuton fighting it out for control of the wheel?

Option B - To be at the side of the road watching a vehicle coming at you with a Latin and a Teuton fighting it out for control of the wheel?

Option C - To be driving on a road with two other vehicles, one with a Latin at the wheel and the other with a Teuton at the wheel?

Option D - To go to the Pub.

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The above in response the article below:

Yet because of the crisis of the euro zone this European Germany finds itself, unwillingly, at the centre of a German Europe. No one can seriously doubt that Germany is calling the shots in the euro zone. The reason there is a fiscal compact treaty agreed by 25 European Union member states is that Berlin wanted it. Desperate, impoverished Greeks are being told “do their homework” by Germans. More extraordinary still, the German Chancellor is now telling French voters who to vote for in their own presidential election, through a series of campaign appearances with President Nicolas Sarkozy. Everyone says Europe is being led by “Merkozy” but the reality is more like “Merkelzy.”

Icy Finger of Death

Amazing video, I never got a chance to dive under ice, my friends did and they all talk about the abundance of life they found. I don't feel that bad for the starfish, they are voraciousness predators in their own right and I have seen areas of intertidal rocks stripped of every living organism by a explosion of Starfish.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme

When the nano-bots come for you, at least they will be playing cool music.