Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Pencil (El Lapiz)

Just back from our Tango lessons at Easy Dancing, my wife and I were practicing "the Pencil" We can do it, but not as nice as this guy. If you need exercise, I recommend Argentinean Tango, man you really feel your muscles because you dance with your whole body. Our teachers plays a more modern style music such as the Gotan Project and this one by the Pussy Cat Dolls. I can't say this enough to guys, learn to dance! If you are single, you will meet really nice ladies, if you are married then your wife will be very happy and a happy wife is a happy man able to do his hobbies.

Solomon Friedman testifies about gun control at Senate committee hearing

This will be like paint drying if you are not interested in the Gun Registry. If you support the elimination of the Registry, then it's sweet music to your ears. Regardless Soloman is very good at making a solid case to abolish the LGR. I encourage you to listen to all of his videos.

Greening the earth one bird at a time.

Greening the earth one bird at a time, not to forget about the bats either...

The 2010 Bird and Bat report commissioned by Transalta, a component of the Post Construction Follow-up Plan, states that over the first six months of operation bird mortality due to blade strike was 602 birds of which 13 were raptors. That reflects 6.99 birds per turbine over six months (almost 14 strikes per turbine per year). The industry standard for comparable wind facilities is generally 2 bird strikes per turbine per year. Over 1270 bats were killed in the same six month period. The development is in a globally and continentally significant Important Bird Area. The PCFP was designed in response to stakeholder concerns over potential negative effects on bird populations, and is a partnership between Transalta, the Environment Canada and provincial Ministry of Natural Resources.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WristBow (Homemade Crossbow-Gauntlet)

Pretty cool toy, although in it's current form not to powerful. Also interesting that it is made out of easily accessible bits, just a lesson that if someone wants a weapon, there is not much you can do to stop them. Now here in Canada this crossbow would be prohibited by law and god help you if you have a blow gun in your possession, because Canada was suffering from a wave of crossbow and blowgun attacks.

Last Three of Canada’s C-130Js Go Through Final Acceptance: Photo

The last 3 C-130J's for the RCAF are being prepared for final acceptance, ahead of schedule I might add. As much as the opposition whines about sole source contracts, the Conservatives have been able to get us C-17's and a fleet of new Hercs among other things. If the Liberals were in power we would still be awaiting the Airbus A400M, read more at Defense Watch Last Three of Canada’s C-130Js Go Through Final Acceptance: Photo

Now if we can only get our buffs replaced. Don't get me wrong I think the Buffaloes have been great aircraft, but they are getting long in the tooth. A possible replacement would the C-127J, a plane that share mostly the same cockpit as the C-130J. Seem though it might another year before we even select another aircraft, much build it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tanker in big storm

The music is not to my tastes, but the video footage is impressive, I will have to find out the DWT of this ship to put it into perspective.