Friday, March 25, 2011

Shall we dance Tango

Wife and I just got back from dancing, they played this tango there, I love the beat and sound of the crickets. Tango is one of those dances that just is.

Hit the road Jack

This song dedicated to the NDP

This one to Iggy

and he will get by with a little help from his friends

So it begins again

Well the opposition has brought the government down, considering the polling numbers and the coffers of the various parties I can't but help to think this is a dumb move on their part. I wonder if the leaders had much to do with it. Iggy must be getting tired of trying to save a party that loves to eat it's own and Layton's health is not great, I don't like the guy, but I hope his cancer stays in remission.
The CPC fundraising machine is already in full gear and they will outspend the others. You have to ask yourself, if a party can not organize it's supporters to support it, how can they run a country effectively?

There is a joy to living in a democratic society where governments come and go and we don't have to risk life and limb fighting them, like so many others are doing right now. I have many friends who have completely different political beliefs, we will fight each other fairly on the election battlefield and then continue to be friends afterwards. I respect all that take part in this process regardless of their party. Democracy is not so much about voting, but about tolerance of each other and other ideas. No party including the one you support should remain in power for to long, it will corrupt them eventually, the key is to always have a viable alternative available. The Liberals should have let their party crash and burn, then built a new party out of the ashes, instead they go into this battle creaking and groaning, sufferring the rot and stain from their recent past. The story of the Phoniex is so lost on them.

The first Help desk call

Always got a kick out of this. Our desk is made of young students who really try but are genearlly defeated by our citrix system which seems hellbent on keeping us from being productive.

The real enemy in Afghanistan is illiteracy

Via Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee

It has always been clear to me that Afghanistan is a generational war, to win we must educate a new generation. Normal education is the biggest threat to the Taliban, hence their destruction of schools, murders of teachers, threats to parents and throwing acid onto schoolgirls. Regardless of what you think of the war, the increased number of people that have been able to go to school and the increase in the number of infants that survive their first year is impressive. We have done far more good there than bad. The question is; "Will we setup the conditions for the Afghans to succeed before we leave?" for that I don't have the answer.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Iggy in wonderland

I feel like I am living in Alice’s wonderland, we have the Liberal party attempting to bring down the current government on “Ethics” and “trust”. Now to be fair, Iggy had zero to do with the previous Liberal governments, in fact he wasn’t around for most of them. So I can understand why he does not get the irony, but can the people working for him really be dumb enough to think we have forgotten about the Liberal scandals and hidden costs games?
Don’t they expect the Conservatives to bring up, Adscam, gun registry costs, APEC, shawnigate among others every time the Liberals say ethics, trusts?

Perhaps they expected the NDP to save their butts yet again, which might have happened had the CPC polling numbers been lower. You can bet there are some serious discussion going on in the Liberal and NDP war rooms about how much an election is going to cost and where are they going to get the money or credit for it.

Meanwhile Elizabeth May will be working on a clever plot to piss off what little support she has left within her own party. The Bloc will wish this wasn’t happening but likely have the least to worry about, although I wish they did have something to be afraid of.