Monday, May 16, 2011

Ernie Ford and The Everly Brothers-"Rattlesnake Daddy"

Some fine guitar work.

Cats in tanks

Cats in Tanks from Whitehouse Post on Vimeo.

Some people have to much time on their hands, language warning may not be safe for work, depending of course where you work....

Tanknutters will note that the music is from Kelly's Heros.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Remorse

I was debating with some friends and their family about whether killing Osama Bin Laden was the right thing to do (On facebook no less...) The other people felt that killing him was just wrong. Sorry but I think it was right, deserved and useful.

Now there are not a lot of people I wish dead, and most of those I have wished are dead, there are only a couple remaining on my list, Joseph Kony of the LRA is certainly one of them. There are no doubt a few others out there that I would wish dead if I knew about them or knew more. Even the majority of the Taliban I don't wish dead, although I think having Mullah Omar dead would further the chances of a lasting peace. I respect those that fight for a cause and then are ready to lay down arms when there is a chance to do so.

Osama Bin Laden (OBL)came from a rich family, he had many choice in front of him to do good or harm, he chose harm. OBL could have turned his anger into something useful and built schools and hospitals in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the same way that Greg Mortenson of CAI did. Had OBL done that, he would be alive and regarded as a hero, a great Muslim and would have furthered his goal of a greater Umma far more than what he has done. OBL used the Pastun code of hospitality to protect him, instead of either giving himself up or showing he was no longer in Afghanistan he allowed the Taliban to suffer a major defeat, I suspect there is little real love for AQ within the ranks of the Taliban, the cost of hosting them was to high. OBL felt he was more important than all of the Taliban and the people of Afghanistan, it's clear he would saciface anyone to protect himself.

In history certain people become prime motivators, creating an effect far beyond their own capabilities, Hitler certainly was one of these and OBL had a similar ability to motivate his followers. He also had access to his own wealth, connections to a wealthy but guilt-ridden Arab upper class and was fortunate( for him) to appear on the worlds stage just as the Internet flourished. OBL was smart enough to realize the usefulness of the Internet for his agenda and it has become one of AQ primary tools to get their message out and recruit.

OBL saw the USA and the house of Saud as the prime enemies of his dream of greater Islamic caliphate. He understood the Arab culture and how to exploit it and he thought of the US as weak, corrupt and unable to defeat him. Like others before him, he failed to realize the latent strengths of the US and the will of it's people. The odd thing also is that a Muslim in the US is far freer to practice their faith, then in the majority of Islamic countries.

OBL declared Jihad (Holy war) on the US and caused great suffering in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, ME and North America. What I find odd about the Islamic fundamentalists is that they declare Holy war on the US and then are upset it responds to that declaration with deadly force, what exactly are they expecting the US to do? Perhaps they have the average Muslims so browbeaten, they can't believe that people will stand up to them? OB was a legitimate target, killed in a war of his own creation.

People argue that killing him changes nothing and that AQ will live on. They are both correct and wrong. AQ will live on like a Hydra growing a new head, it is possible that the new head will have an effect like OBL, but it's unlikely the circumstances that existed with OBL will repeat themselves, to much has changed. (for more on a replacement see the Long War Journal) the Arab street has spoken against the Arab (and others) regimes and the pent up anger is being directed elsewhere. Few of the AQ replacements will have access to the upper class of Saudi and the millions that resides their. AQ in Iraq and Afghanistan has shown itself to be excessively brutal and totally uncaring of civilian causalities and in fact kills civilians on purposes. the killing also sends a message and that is: You attack us, we will not forget and will not give up. It means that anyone who plans on carrying out these attacks must live in hiding and fear for the rest of their lives.

I went to Malaysia on Oct 2001 to marry my wife, many Muslims celebrated OBL and 911. when asked how how I felt about OBL, I responded that AQ wanted to kill me, my family and would happily kill them to make it happen. When I go back now, there is no mention of him, the one joy I get out of the long period to track him down is the realization that he witnessed his power and influence fall away, before being killed. A difference between the SEALS and AQ is that AQ would have killed everyone in that house, slowly if they had the chance. The SEALS killed only those who were a threat and a target.

Finally my reasons I wanted him dead is that he made this personal, OBL wanted me and my family dead, it's not that he knew me, but I was a target for him and the death of my family and self was his goal. If you think I am wrong, just look at these videos and remind yourself that these were average people going to work on a average day. This could have been me, my wife, you or a member of your family. So yes I am happy the bastard is dead, I won't even pretend to be noble and every time I take a leak off the side of a boat I know with satisfaction that I will be pissing on his grave.