Friday, April 8, 2011

Silent walls

The city of Farah in Western Afghanistan has seen it's fair share of invaders and cultures, in the centre of the city resides a massive citadel. some believe it was made by Alexander the Great, other think it's newer than that. Likely both are right, I suspect a proper dig will find build upon build as it was common for a new culture/invader/ruler to build on the fortifications of the previous occupant and often terrain dictates the logical defense positions. Regardless of who built it, it's truly impressive. The picture used here is from Robert Lankenau photo album and is worth a visit.

Another astounding view can be seen at Micheal Yons Gigapan account, well worth the visit. gigapan

Here is the citadel on Google maps

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dogs have owners and cats have staff

What can I say, guess he does not like getting his feet cold. Zeus does not see anything wrong with this, other than the fact that I won't carry him on my back anymore. He like to dig his claws in!