Saturday, November 26, 2011

Swanson Bay, the town that vanished

While reviewing a project I came across the story of Swanson bay, a ghost town on the west coast of British Columbia. In 1901 the BC government passed an Act that allowed companies a interest in the land if the set up a mill. The Canadian Pacific Sulphite Pulp Co. Ltd. took up the challenge in 1906 and 1909 began to produce lumber. The town was serviced by the CPR and Union Steamship vessels. By 1919 the town had a population of 500 people producing 100,000 board feet a day , sulphite pulp and shingles.

In 1923 an earthquake hit Japan, their biggest customer (history repeats itself!) Sometime after 1925 the mill was closed and the town began to lose it's population. Soon the only persons there was a watchman. At some point around the 40's the town was completely abandoned. this is not an uncommon story on the coast, many towns were completely dependent on one company and mill/mine, when it would shut down the town would die. the mortal remain of the town exists but shrouded in the dense bush. If you have taken a cruise ship up the inside passage than you have passed the bones of this ghost town.

I have gleamed this information and pictures from 2 websites, please visits them, for more of the story and some excellent pictures.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Patty Griffin - Mil Besos

My wife and I were dancing the Rumba to this at a dance party tonite, a great song to dance to, the Latin's just do love songs better than us Anglos!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flints and Flintlocks

To be honest I have not gotten into flint locks, the oldest rifle I have is a 1860 Nepalese Snider that replaced the percussion caps rifles which had in turn replaced flintlocks. This website gives a good description of fitting a flint to a flintlock. If it was not for amateurs like this gentleman much of this detailed knowledge would lost. Link courtesy of another interesting website, the


Yasmin Levi - Me Voy

Yasmin Levi is an Israeli singer song writer who does Judaeo-Spanish music. both my wife and I enjoy here music.

Aspiring brain surgeons

Would have posted this earlier if I hadn't mislaid the cable for my camera and couldn't download the photo's. Here are my two daughters quite enthusiastically digging out the "brains" of a pumpkin in preparation for Halloween. Was a good Halloween, much candy was obtained, which we ration out till the candy stash is refilled by Christmas stuff and Easter.