Friday, March 4, 2011

I am not Canadian!!

A little humour to start your weekend, not really worksafe if you work in a bilingual office...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow day

This Sunday it finally snowed enough here for the kids to toboggan at the local parks (No doubt readers from the east coast would be more than happy to share some of their snow with us!). The kids had a great time. My oldest is a daredevil, the younger is more like mom, cautious but likes the thrill. I would like to tell parents that the blue baby toboggan we used here are a pain because the underside fills up with snow, making it hard to pull.

Rocky Mountain Rangers return to Prince George

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - Prince George is getting a new Army Reserve unit. As part of an Army Reserve expansion project the new unit, which is a detachment of the famous Rocky Mountain Rangers, is planned for the city as early as September this year. read the rest of the article.

I think this is excellent news, there is a large pool of recruits that the Army Reserves can tap into in Northern BC, many of them already have significant outdoor skill sets which they can bring to the job. Also southern reserve units were losing people that had to move up north to follow work. I would also like to see a Combat Engineer troop established there as well.

HMS Hood enters Vancouver

Little history moment, HMS Hood, known mostly for her ill-fated battle against the Bismark, came to Vancouver in 1924, part of a world cruise. At the time the Hood was one of the most powerful warships afloat. She combined the speed of a cruiser and the amour and guns of a battleship and was referred to as a “Battlecrusier”.

While she was in Vancouver, my Grandfather worked on her as an electrician.

This picture is from The Vancouver maritime Museum which has a excellent library and collection ( I volunteered there for 15 years) Do yourself a favour and go visit the museum, it’s a great place for kids and you can tour the St Roch, the inside is nice on a rainy day and in the summer there are events down in the harbour. Check out their main page here.

Some more pictures of the visit here.