Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nothing to worry about......

The demolition company Owner Karm Panesar says to the Media “I can't believe how big they're making this story." I believe him, he also does not understand PR and clearly did not take the precautions that he should have. He is very lucky no one got hurt. At the point in the demolition they were at the structure becomes unstable and blocking the street briefly as they do the final part would have been a good idea. I have no doubt that the city, worksafe BC and his insurance company are reviewing these tapes. I think the next shock for him will be his insurance premiums.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Starting a tradition here, Music on a Friday to start the weekend, please enjoy.

Is it just hate or do people really care?

I am truly amazed at the local, national and international attention that the Gaza issue gets, from media, activists and politicians. An alien coming from another planet could be forgiven to think this was the worst humanitarian disaster to strike our planet in the last 100 years. But reality is so different. The IRC estimates that in the Congo 5 million people have died there in the last 10 years with 45,000 a month dead in 2008. A decade of war and infidata between the Palestinians and Israel have accounted for somewhere around 5,000 Palestinians killed (Number of civilians vs insurgents is disputed)
Let’s also look at the record of Islamic countries and how they treat minorities or other groups within their region. Syria is estimated to have killed between 7,000-40,000 people in the city of Hama alone in 1982 when attempting to destroy Hard line Islamists. Saddam gassed his own Kurdish minority in the town of Halabja killing approx 5,000 and injuring another 11,000. All the Sunni states harass their shiite minorities. Turkey, Iran and Iraq actively try to prevent Kurds from creating their own state. Saudi is building a 560mile long border fence which will prevent nomadic tribes from crossing into their historical grazing lands. This is a small taste of the volition of human rights by states that routinely criticize Israel. Yet I never hear about the other side of the coin. As for the locals here who love to bash Israel, how many are willing to give up their property that the First Nations have never relinquished claim to? We certainly are the pot calling the kettle black!

Old tanks with new lives

Old tanks

Being a military vehicle enthusiast I am always on the lookout for all things military. Canada’s military used to be much larger, including a large number of tanks. When these were surplused enterprising individuals snapped them up and put them to use. These tanks have been used as mobile spar poles for logging and mobile drills for road construction. The old tanks are far better at cross country work than the modern equipment. This mobile sparpole near Boston Bar is likely based a Canadian M4A2 that served in Korea and till the 60’s in the reserves. This site has some good pictures and story about these tanks.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

History of the M.E. in 2 minutes

Do you find the history of the Middle East confusing? Don’t feel bad, most people who try can not follow it and the majority ignore it, something that becomes painful oblivious when they talk about it! History is everything in this land and colours the actions that happen in the present. I have found this map useful to glimpse th complexity of that history. More maps at:

In the beginning

Zeus arrived as curious kitten, brave and yet still a baby. He came to us perhaps a tad earlier than he should have. Being ripped from your Mom at such an early age must have been hard on him. But he quickly became very attached to us, snuggling up as only a kitten can do. Yet he wanted to show how ferocious he could be by stalking Aishah and springing out his hiding spot as tall as he could be, paws in the air and wrapping them around her ankle. Normally followed by a shriek from the unsuspecting Aishah! He loved to demonstrate his climbing ability by climbing every tree, however his ability to get down was not quite so good as getting up the tree. Requiring me on occasion to rescue him with a ladder. Zeus is older now, not so much climbing, he is also more cautious. Our kids love him and he returns that love with a patience that is quite impressive. (Being at the same level as a 2 year old can be hazardous to your health!) May he live long and be happy.
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Wake up cat (you cat lovers will understand)

A virgin for the first time

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Welcome to my blog, my name is Colin and this blog will cover the various interests of my life namely history and how it relates to current issues, Landrovers, Shooting, raising kids, and comments on my cat whom this blog is named in honour of!
Why start blogging? Because I am tired of being told what to think and what it is to be Canadian, I think it’s important for me to tell you what I think and why. Then you can decide whether you agree or not. Plus it’s more constructive than getting angry at the TV!
I grew up in a strong NDP family, my dad was an MLA for them in the 60’s I got to meet many of the big names in BC politics as a kid. Needless to say I grew up a true blue NDP type. But I wanted also be a soldier, so I joined the Reserves and served in the artillery for 11 years. I also worked in the mining exploration business, slung beer in a small town, sold Landrover parts, did 15 yrs with the Coast Guard and now work for a never to be named Federal Department. On top of this I met my wonderful wife who hails from Malaysia and have 2 wonderful daughters who are busy teaching me about life.
This has all changed my outlook in life, I realized that a lot of what I was hearing was misinformed or even outright lies. Bit by bit I have moved to the right, now I would stick myself self somewhat right of centre, with some sympathy to Libertarians, although I still won’t throw out all the ideas I grew up with. I prefer to pick and choose from the smorgasbord of politics.
Never blogged before, but posted a lot on various forums, so bear with me as I figure out this new adventure and I appreciate your time.

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