Thursday, June 10, 2010

In the beginning

Zeus arrived as curious kitten, brave and yet still a baby. He came to us perhaps a tad earlier than he should have. Being ripped from your Mom at such an early age must have been hard on him. But he quickly became very attached to us, snuggling up as only a kitten can do. Yet he wanted to show how ferocious he could be by stalking Aishah and springing out his hiding spot as tall as he could be, paws in the air and wrapping them around her ankle. Normally followed by a shriek from the unsuspecting Aishah! He loved to demonstrate his climbing ability by climbing every tree, however his ability to get down was not quite so good as getting up the tree. Requiring me on occasion to rescue him with a ladder. Zeus is older now, not so much climbing, he is also more cautious. Our kids love him and he returns that love with a patience that is quite impressive. (Being at the same level as a 2 year old can be hazardous to your health!) May he live long and be happy.
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