Thursday, April 5, 2012

LGR dead as of midnight Apr 5th 2012

Changes to business requirements: elimination of the requirement to register non-restricted firearms Special Bulletin for Businesses No. 79
April 5, 2012

Implementation of Bill C-19, the Ending the Long-Gun Registry Act.

The Government of Canada has changed the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act to eliminate the requirement to register non-restricted firearms effective April 5, 2012. Until further notice, due to a Court Order issued by the Quebec Superior Court, residents of Quebec are still required to register non-restricted firearms with the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program.

Beginning on April 5, 2012, firearms businesses are no longer required to obtain a Registration Certificate for non-restricted firearms from the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP). This does not impact registration requirements for restricted or prohibited firearms.

Businesses that use Business Web Services, available from the CFP website, are advised that the registration and transfer of non-restricted firearms is no longer required or supported.

Individuals and businesses buying or otherwise acquiring firearms must still have a firearms licence, and businesses are still responsible for checking the buyer’s licence. Businesses may continue to call the CFP at the toll-free number to confirm the buyer’s licence prior to completing a sale.

Finally after years of fighting this travesty of injustice. One of the chains imposed upon us is slipped. Now is a time to dance, celebrate and enjoy the taste of victory, for tomorrow it's back into the breech to do battle once more against the rest of the firearms Act.

A big thank you to all that have fought this!

Sucks though for our Quebec brethren, patience your time is coming!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Simon's Cat in 'Shelf Life'

What is it with cats and mantle pieces anyways? They take great delight in pushing and knocking off everything on them. Our snow scene this year lasted about 3 days before Zeus decided the cotton balls would make a nice bed.