Thursday, March 15, 2012

Greening the earth one bird at a time.

Greening the earth one bird at a time, not to forget about the bats either...

The 2010 Bird and Bat report commissioned by Transalta, a component of the Post Construction Follow-up Plan, states that over the first six months of operation bird mortality due to blade strike was 602 birds of which 13 were raptors. That reflects 6.99 birds per turbine over six months (almost 14 strikes per turbine per year). The industry standard for comparable wind facilities is generally 2 bird strikes per turbine per year. Over 1270 bats were killed in the same six month period. The development is in a globally and continentally significant Important Bird Area. The PCFP was designed in response to stakeholder concerns over potential negative effects on bird populations, and is a partnership between Transalta, the Environment Canada and provincial Ministry of Natural Resources.

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