Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Solstices day

If it’s sunny where you are, enjoy this longest day of the year. Here in Vancouver it’s cloudy and dull, a little hard to get excited about the sun staying up longer when you can’t see it. But the real excitement is happening or I should say just happened (time zone stuff) in the UK at Stonehenge. All the Pagans, wannabe pagans and quite a few nutters would be out celebrating this event. The main problem for the modern Druid is that for the most part the Druids were wiped out, first by the Romans and then the remaining ones were finished off by the Christians who converted the Isles leaving no real written records of ceremonies and prayers. Despite claimed “ancient rituals passed down through the generations” Most of it is made up based somewhat on bits and pieces.
No matter how you celebrate it, I hope you have a good time and may the Deity of your choice shine down upon you.

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