Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Obama Just Might Fight Iran

Another great read by Michael J. Totten. In this case explaining what might trigger Obama into war with Iran. My belief is that weakness by a US President encourages totalitarian regimes to carry out actions that increase the likelihood of war.
Sadly the people of Iran don’t deserve another war, they suffered enough, but the Leaders of Iran and the Revolutionary Guard care little of what the people think.

"The president is not likely to go to war with Iran for Israel’s sake. He’s even less likely to go to war with Iran on behalf of the Middle East’s Sunni Arabs. He’s not even all that likely to go to war with Iran to protect American interests in the Levant and the Persian Gulf. He just might, though, as Mead says, go to war to protect what he values most and hopes to accomplish as president."
Read the rest here.

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