Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Taliban are scum

Utterly sickening is the news that the Taliban and aligned forces would use poison gas on girls who only crime is wanting to learn. Can you imagine the courage it takes for the kids, parents and teachers to come to school each day? Doing what we do without thinking is an act of defiance for them with serious consequences.

So where is the outrage from all of our parties and the media? (to be fair some media are) How about a UN resolution condemning this act?

I guess Afghan schoolgirls are not so newsworthy. Perhaps Jack Layton will remind me again what we are supposed to talk with the Taliban about?

Update: Another 3 aid workers killed by the Taliban in the NE province of Badakhshan, this brings the total to 13 aid workers killed in this previously peaceful province. This is typical of the Taliban methods destroy any government or aid project, throw people into despair and then offer them “security” but at a heavy price.

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