Monday, November 8, 2010

No respect for Mosques (or Churches)

For a religion that gets inflamed about cartoons and some idiot wishing to burn a Koran, they are strangely silent on the rather too common attacks on Mosques and the people praying inside of them. Pray tell what crime did this child commit to deserve this? In fact I wonder what were the crimes of all these people to suffer this pain and anguish?

Now had the West done this deed there would be hell to pay both in Islamic countries and by our own media, but sadly the Western media really doesn’t care if some foreign nutbar kills a few foreigners in some strange place, especially any place where kidnapping and killing curious journalists is considered an acceptable past time.

At least Islamic nutbars are not discriminatory as shown by the recent brutal massacre inside a Christian Church in Iraq by the remnants of AQI. I have met many good and decent Muslims over the years, but there is one glaring problem with Islam in it’s current form:
Evil flourishes when good men (and woman) do nothing to stop it
When the average Muslims begin to stand up shoulder to shoulder and say “Stop this madness now” only then will the people who create this violence feel the fear of the wrath of the people they have kept subdued. Only then will peace be upon him and his followers.

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