Friday, November 5, 2010

Snake tunnels in Taliban Territory

I certainly don’t agree with everything this person writes, their glee at the Taliban success against the “Imperial US” is rather sickening, when you realize what that “Success” means to the people of Afghanistan and particularly the woman and children and their future. However the subject matter of tunnelling and caves in Afghanistan is fascinating enough to tunnel past the author’s bias.

Nevertheless, as a military fossil, Afghanistan is an epic imprint of human history’s ongoing engagement with the densest contours of the terrestrial, where ancient culture has been embedded in the geologic timescales of conflict space for centuries. The country’s story could probably be entirely retold in the evolutionary compressions and picture carvings of its vast mineral deposits alone. If Afghanistan were a book, its pages would be composed of ancient lithic space, there would be chapters on mythological caves, karezi canals and the more egregious military archeology of centuries worth of warfare. Dust-bound stories captured in the petrified pages of Asian history, cultural memories scrawled in open a closed fissures; a complete archive of Afghanistan’s struggles with itself and its neighbors stacked upon one another in alternating layers of sediment violence and mineralized calm.

Pictures and more here

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