Monday, December 20, 2010

Guns and Woman’s lib movement

One thing I never understood about the women’s liberation movement is their hate-fest for guns? For one thing, it was World War I & II that really gave woman in North America the chance to work in areas previously reserved for men. Yes they were forced out of their jobs when the men returned, but the artificial barriers were cracked and failing, those fateful years are where the seeds of modern feminism sprang from, yet there is no desire to honour those roots.

The pictures are of the Inglis factory where hundreds of women learned how to make rifles, pistols and light machineguns. The guns produced at this factory during those years were very well made and are still serving our troops today. A legacy these woman should be proud of!

Likely the pistol shown here was made by one of the women in the pictures

Now for guns themselves, woman should logically be fully supportive of the right to bear arms. Carrying a gun is the perfect equalizer between a woman and man. Now some person is going to pull out some tired out story about “The bad guys will take the gun and use it against you” Well I’m sorry but the statistics don’t support that theory, plus it reeks of the concept that woman are not bright enough to be trained in defending themselves. Another tired clique is “Americans love guns, Canadians don’t” Total and utter BS. There are something to the tune of 33million guns that were manufactured or imported into Canada, so that’s about 1 gun per Canadian. Early Canada was all about guns, both for hunting and defense. Both woman and men had to become adept at using them. Until the 70’s concealed carry of guns was not uncommon and the whole set of laws still exist to allow you to carry a gun for self-defense if you can get the permit. (make sure you are a politician, judge, VIP or a really nasty criminal willing to turn evidence, in other words we the people aren’t important enough!)

Thankfully many of the women of the current generation are not willing to play the victim role and are getting their firearm licenses. Speaking to instructors, a large number of the classes in the Vancouver area are full of women who enjoy shooting and want to be able to defend themselves. I suspect that many future rapists and domestic abusers are going to introduce to the business end of Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson, instead of the meek helpless victim they had hoped for.

So if you can't think of a Christmas for your lady, consider a trip to a gun range that lets you rent firearms like DVC in Vancouver. She will have a blast (Pun intended)like this Lady clearly did.

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