Sunday, January 30, 2011

How we die

An interesting graphic showing how Canadians die, as you can see, getting shot is the least of your problems. But it does make great stories, therefore the media will report that. Data is from Statscan for 2007.
Gun Related Suicide: 534
Gun Related Murder: 167
Gun related Accidents: 16

717 Deaths where firearms were involved out ot 235,172 deaths in 2007.
0.003% of all deaths had a firearm somehow involved.

Of course guns do not cause suicides. In their absence, people will always find other ways. Likewise, guns do not cause people to murder. Other tools will be used in their absence. So in reality, 16 deaths out of 235,172 are directly realted to gun ownership.

0.00007% of all deaths could be blamed on firearms in 2007.
My God we have an epidemic on our hands.

A thank you to JNG of CGN we laying out the figures

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