Friday, January 7, 2011

Never dull in Lotus land

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Hmm another party called BC First sprouts out of the weeds to created by the mess left in the floundering of the BC Liberals (as opposed to the floundering Federal Liberal) and headless chicken that is the BC NDP party. Briefly glancing at their website, the term “people friendly environmental polices” leapt out, likely due to people feeling that current polices do not treat people and their activities as integral part of the environment.

The party started in October of this year and grew out of the HST referendum. This gives voters at least 2 options other than the Green party which makes the NDP almost look sane. The other option and the one likely to make the most headway in the next Provincial election is the BC conservative party.
The problem I see for BC first is that they don’t have the party machine setup enough to take full advantage of the current situation, plus their polices are a little bare at the moment. They will likely gain most votes from the NDP supporters who have given up on their party and the BC Conservatives will likely reap the benefits of the large number of disenfranchised Liberal supporters.

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