Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
Now I hope that our whimsical celebration of this day by having our kids and their friends go crazy hunting Easter eggs and stuffing themselves on chocolate and cupcakes does not so offend our christen friends that they will declare us as blasphemous and sentence us to death....oh yea wrong religion, they grew out of that some time ago. To bad others haven't.
I like to also wish happy Passover to our Jewish friends and wish them a safe holiday.

My Nephew Neil supervising the madness

However I am still wondering how a Rabbit (who is a mammal, not commonly known for laying eggs) who poops out chocolate eggs can work it's way into our culture and what relationship it has with Christ's Resurrection? I pity the theologians of the future explaining that!

This just adds to the confusion
Hop trailer

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