Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wow what a week!

First of all I get the news that US navy Seals has killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, good riddance you scumbucket, I hope you are paying a hefty price for the blood on your hands. I hope enough Muslims have learned that this guy and his buddies (Omar hopefully you are next) are more that willing to spill Muslim blood in their pursuit of Jihad. Anyone that saw what Al-Qaeda in Iraq was doing to average people knows what I am talking about.
I agree this is not the end, but the end of the beginning, AQ is a Hydra and will grow new heads, but if you can chop the heads quick enough, the successor bring less and less to the table, till finally no one is willing to be the head except the real nutbars and they will be sure to alienate the people they depend on, leading to the draining of the methporic sea that Mao spoke of. I also agree that releasing the pictures is a waste of time and tossing his body into the sea is a great idea. Time for him and his story to fade away.

While I am digesting the news above, the 41st election in Canada was underway, I helped out my candidate and his awesome team on the final day, door knocking, picking up voting lists and scrutinizing the polling stations. It was pretty clear knocking on doors that people were fed up with elections, so it was no surprise to me when I finished at the polling station to hear the Conservatives sweeping to a good majority. The icing on the cake was the NDP putting the boots to the Bloc with the NDP F troop smashing long term BQ types, OUCH! man that is going to leave a mark! I'm not a great fan of the current NDP, but I will take them over the Bloc any day, at least we and the NDP agree on a Canada, even if it looks different. Funny this is the only election that my Dad and I can congratulate each other on. He is hardcore NDP and I am the "blacksheep " of the family!
Iggy has been in a death spiral for awhile so not surprising he failed to get in. The only sour note was the realization that we will have to live with the screeching of Elizabeth may for the next 4 years. Harper gave a great speech and a heartfelt thanks to his family and wife. I don`t envy them, anyone who has had parents who were politicians knows how little time there is for family, for the PM, his family will have no time to themselves for the next 4-10 years.

As for the NDP, well what an interesting kettle of fish we have here. Jack is going to be busy running his daycare, I mean caucus and will need all the help from his veterans to keep this mob in line. This is make or break for the NDP, they have 4 years to show Canada what they can do, and people will be taking a hard look at the party and it`s rather whacky policies. A move to the centre will likely cost them support from their current base. Plus he also has to appease his new Quebec base, with MP's that will have little pull to get things done. I predict jack is going to have ulcers.

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