Sunday, June 26, 2011


Social media that likely played a part in encouraging the rioters,  is showing them it is a double edge sword. The public is now using Facebook and blogs to out the rioters. You can bet there is some frantic erasing of Facebook pages going on, however that which is posted is never really gone and will come back to haunt them. Already people have lost their jobs and another has lost sponsorship. I could blame it all on a generation which grew up with an expectation of entitlement and lack of consequence, but to be fair there has been riots in our city's past and will likely be more in the future.

What I do like is that people are taking it onto themselves to help correct the wrongs. First was the people who stood up for what's right during the riot, this takes a lot of guts and likely was a spur of the moment thing. But says a lot about their character and understanding what is right and wrong.
The second group are the people who came out the next day to help clean up  the mess and help the businesses. It speaks well of their sense of citizenship.

The third group has a finer line to walk. they are busy outing those responsible. This requires a sense of justice and sense of responsibility not to tar those they can't be sure where responsible. One such sight is this.

I can't not abide or support those who harass the families of those involved. Yes some of the parents failed, but others had done their best to raise their kids and it was the young adults that made the choices they must live with. focus your anger on those who caused the mayhem, but always temper it. It's likely that few will be successfully charged in regards to the riots, but the burden of proof in a civil court is much less and far more likely to be successful.

Behind the scenes the knives are out, seem blogger is taking aim at the leadership of Vancouver for bungling the riot. Also reports that their budget had been reduced will not help. I am not sure if the Olympic parties had lulled City Hall into a false belief that all would be fine, despite warnings of what was likely to come. The political nastiness is far from over and these decisions will come back to haunt the current administration at the next election.

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