Sunday, August 7, 2011

People are good

Got stuck along the Sea to sky highway yesterday for close to 3 hrs (with an 8 year old boy!) due to a serious motorcycle accident. What impressed me was the way people dealt with the situation. A couple with a trailer, flashed up their stove and cooked up hotdogs and juice for everyone around them, another couple let all the ladies use the bathroom in their camper and everyone just got along. Not to mention the people at the scene giving first aid to the injured.

About the only animosity I saw was for motorcyclists who pushed past people to get to the front of the line. The Highway is a magnet for motorcyclist and while most are careful, thee is a significant number of young guys on "crotch rockets" who use the highway as their playground. Ripping around traffic, popping wheelies and excessive speeding. Apparently the police used a helicopter last weekend and busted one guy for doing 260km and they impounded 6 motorcycles in 2 hrs. If you know someone who likes to speed on motorcycle, then I suggest you send them this link, warning it's very graphic!

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