Friday, September 23, 2011

Missing Malaysian food already!

To be more accurate I am missing Indian Malaysian food, most Malay dishes contain "Stinky fish" a small dried anchovy which my wife loves but I will take a pass on. My love is reserved for the Naan's, roti's and dosai dishes along with Tandoori chicken. Throughout Malaysia you will find a type of restaurant that caters to the Indian style, these places are half indoor and half outdoor, inside are several stalls each dealing with one type of food and one for beverages. The one pictured below was nearby and quickly became my favorite. You will be greeted with a smile and a "Hey Boss!" The guys that work here are likely half illegals and some landed immigrants, mostly from southern India and Bangladesh. These guys work hard for little money, they will not accept tips. This restaurant is located in Precinct 15 of Putra Jaya.

Here is the Dosai cook at work, dosai are somewhat crisp on the outside with a soft centre, a little like a crepe.

The end result, served with curry and a coconut paste. In the centre of the table is the Tandoori chicken, sheesh I am getting hungry just posting this!!

The meal above was 4 naan, 2 dosai, 2 roti and 2 Tandoori chickens. along with 2 Iced nescafes and 2 iced milo's the cost came to 28RM or about $9.00 Canadian!! compared to Canada, it would not take long to pay for your plane ticket just by eating out.

I should mention that I have seen the name of the bread spelt 3 ways; "Dosa, Dosai and Tosai" I am not sure which is right or perhaps they are all right, just different spelling for the same thing.

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