Friday, October 28, 2011

Heli-logging in British Columbia with Rick Mercer

Very odd, thought I had posted this sometime ago. Anyways, I have been up in the area they filmed this and have had conversations with some of the people in the film. Heli-logging is quite the way to do things. It minimizes the impacts on the environment but can be quite expensive. For it to be profitable you must have the right trees in the right place and a very efficient crew. I have been told that a 2-3 minute turnaround time is the best to make it profitable, which means from the time from pick-up to drop to pick-up should be within 3 minutes. The helicopter in this clip is a Chinook, but the company Helifor also flies a Boeing Vertol 107, which the sharp eyed amongst you will recognize as the same type as the old Labrador SAR helicopters we used to have. I think the company bought the air frames off of the RCAF.

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