Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You twits the data is the registry!!

Sheesh what part of killing the Long Gun Registry (LGR) does the NDP not get? Bill C-19 will stop the collection of registry data for non-restricted and cause the LGR data collected to be destroyed. The data is the LGR, so keeping the data is in essence keeping the LGR. Getting rid of the LGR is not just politics for the CPC and it's supporters, but it is righting a moral wrong. The LGR and bill C-68 (Firearm Act) are seen as a form of punishment for law abiding citizens and does little to fight the real issues of violent crime.
So to have the NDP and it's members pretend that they didn't realize the Conservatives would destroy the data is almost comical and they would have to be stunningly stupid to not have foreseen such an event and I don't think Nathan Cullen is stupid. In which case his sudden "bout of conscious" in regards to possible voting against C-19 is pure political manouvering likely connected to his bid for the leadership of the NDP.
Bill C-19 is now in committee, which is controlled by the Conservatives, which means they can bring forward witnesses the last committee run by the liberals blocked from testifying. This means much of the hidden truth about the LGR failure will be recorded for future historians to ponder.

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