Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Signs and foreign body language (Philippines example)

I fully agree with this fellow, body language is far more important than many realize. A few examples I picked up in Malaysia is pointing, which is done by pointing a loose fist toward the object with the thumb on top in the direction of the object, but not protruding past the knuckle. If towards a person, it's more of a general direction rather than right at the person. When passing between people, you bend forward slightly when walking with  your right arm extended out and your left arm behind your back. Hands should flat with forward hand's thumb on top.
Another example is greetings, you gently touch the hand of the person you are greeting (if of the same sex) and then place that hand on your chest over your heart. Normally done to the elders first, the people clearly younger than you will show their deference/respect by bringing their head to your hand and then touching their chest.
If you are a fairly tall person, just remember your height may create a tension and might be felt like intimidation if you are to close.

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