Monday, February 13, 2012


So your house is being firebombed early in the morning by about 3 people in balaclava's, what would you do?

Ian Thompson was in that situation and used a legal handgun to fire warning shots that succeeded in driving the attackers away. He also called 911, apparently the cops waited 10 minutes down the road till he advised dispatch that the guns were put away. Although he was a tad busy putting out the fires with a garden hose. 
The Crown decided to charge with "Careless use of a firearm" However when the video taken by Mr Thompson home security system went on Youtube, the outcry from the public was loud and clear. Those charges were dropped, soon to be replaced with "Unsafe storage charges". Now in the midst of this trial the Judge has halted the proceeding while the Judge a, crown and defending lawyer sort out the Firearm Storage laws and precedents. So 3 experienced legal experts in the safe confines of a courtroom cannot understand a law, which a average firearm owner under attack , in the early morning is supposed to understand completely and act accordingly? 
I understand the need for the police to investigate the incident to determine the sequence of events. but it's clear the Crown through the courts wish to punish Mr Thompson for the act of defending his home, just in case any more of the peasants realize that those rights have never actually been taken away. My gut feeling is that the Crown will eventually drop the charges to avoid a precedent setting case that will further the right of self-defense. Please if you have not done so, read the links and then donate to his case. it's clear that the Crown hopes he runs out of money before the Crown loses the case. It's our job to make sure that does not happen. 

Thomson needs your help. Contibutions to his legal defense fund can be made via "Ed Burlew In Trust" at his office in Thornhill. 16 John St, Thornhill, ON, L3T1X8.

You can make a contribution on credit card by calling the office at (905) 882-2422.

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