Saturday, May 12, 2012


This video is of the biggest exercise done recently by the 39th brigade, which is made up of all of the Reserve units in British Columbia. the artillery guns are C3's which I used to command one when I was in the 15th FD Regiment  RCA. The exercise took place in Idaho and the Canadians were working with US National Guard.

There are times when I miss this stuff, but with a busy job, 2 young kids and a couple of hobbies. I know I don't have the time to devote to it. so of the guys I trained are now the Warrant Officers and Sergeants. they bugged me to come back, but I suspect it's so they extract their revenge on me because I would have to restart as a gunner. I can see it now; "Gunner! remember how you made me run with my rifle over my head 50 times around the parade square? Get you butt moving and get that rifle up high!!!!" 

I think I will just stick to have a beer with them and recall the good old days!

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