Sunday, May 13, 2012


The ex-Coast Guard Cutter Ready, sank in Britannia Beach about a year ago, the vessel had been owned by the Maritime Heritage Society of Vancouver along with several other vessels, the Seaspan Chinook and the Tyee Princess. The vessels were abandoned when the society went under. Currently the Province is attempting to deal with these vessels, but with not much luck.

In this video you can see the vessel filmed by divers from the Underwater Council of BC, SECS and the Underwater Archaeological society of BC. It's my voice droning on (hate the sound of my own voice) telling a bit of the story of this vessel. I served on her and her sistership the CCGS Racer. There is a good report on the Wrecks of Britanna Beach at the SECS link above.

In better days

 The Seapan Chinook also sank but is in 65 metres of water. the Tyee Princess fate is likely soon to be sealed, her hull is getting thin, she will either sink where she is, or be towed for scrap. I remember the Tyee Princess working the small coastal communities like Namu, Klemtu. she was owned by Coastal Ferries .

I was up in Namu not to long ago, the place is really falling apart, sad to see.

At the dock is the Chilcotin Princess, which was part of the same company as the Tyee Princess. I don't think she is long for this world either.

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