Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7 years later....

When my first daughter was born I thought I would have lots of time on my parental leave to fix my ex-British army  Series IIA 109 Landrover. Man was I delusional, mind you my wife wanted to cook Christmas dinner with a planned birth date of December 22 (My wise Mom said "Of course dear" and carried on planning the dinner, knowing that arguing logic to a woman on raging hormones was pointless, only took me another few years to learn this....)

Needless to say not much has happened to the old girl, but this summer finally a little progress, fenders are off and starting to WD-40 the manifold bolts and applying heat so they come off easy. the engine needs a rebuild, new starter is needed and new rad. the entire brake system will have to be replaced as well. debating what to do first, some job uncertainty makes me shy to spend to much on the engine right now. maybe fix the leaks in the steering box and arrest some of the rust starting to form. Still I feel better that I have done something finally!

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