Saturday, July 3, 2010

Allan Rock: Still choosing what you are allowed to think and do

Cartoon courtesy of Simon Fraser University Library

Well Allan Rock certainly is consistent. The latest revelation that he is the one who was behind the e-mail threatening Ann Coulter with criminal charges if she said the wrong thing at a university lecture comes as no surprise to me. Allan rock was the Justice Minister that helped push the current Firearm Act through. An Act that contains sections that may actually be un-constitutional. Not to mention his other past lapses in moral judgements.
Allan Rock said “I came to Ottawa believing that only the army and the police should have guns” Not an exactly neutral position on the subject, not to mentioned such beliefs have not really worked out all that well and puts you into the company of these notable people; Hitler, Mao, Stalin.
So to discover that Allan Rock has issues with free speech by people who disagree with him is no surprise to me.

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