Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to defuse a human bomb

For most of us living here, the concept of children suicide bombers is just to unreal to believe, but believe you must for acceptance of the threat and then understanding it, is the only way to defeat it. With the constant bad and counterproductive news coming out of Pakistan, it nice to hear the Pakistan army actually doing something right. Read the whole story on the link and if you decide to watch the video links be aware they are not the anti-sceptic videos they show here. I have read elsewhere that it is common to find the face of a suicide bomber after the blast, totally detached from the body.

For most of them, Sabaoon is the first proper school they have attended. Only a few weeks ago, some were living under rough blankets in a dark corner of a TTP training camp. Others were tramping the unforgiving terrain between Pakistan's tribal areas and neighbouring Afghanistan, acting as lookouts: spotting an army convoy to attack or a girls' school to bomb. Some were scouring the villages where they had once lived, in search of more young recruits. The one thing they all had in common was a belief in the righteousness of killing. All of them expected to die before reaching adulthood.

Read the rest at The Guardian (not normally one of my favorite papers)

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