Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They are out!!

Amazing rescue, three cheers to Chile and everyone involved in this rescue. While many countries helped out, it took the Chilean government to act to bring it all together. Even more remarkable is that they are still recovering from the recent earthquake. The fact that they never gave up hope both above and below speaks well of the Chilean character. Those miners, several who had already survived being trapped underground before must have known how grim their situation was, but the persevered and stayed focused.
The miners likely have another very interesting chapter in their lives to live through and I hope that all works well. This rescue and the behaviour of the people above and below will be carefully studied and lessons will hopefully be propagated around the world saving more lives and giving future miners hope that they to might be rescued. Hopefully China will take some lessons away from this in an attempt to reduce the horrific rate of fatal accidents they have in their mining industry.
If you ever get a chance to visit a working mine or even a museum mine, do it. You will then appreciate just what these people do and what they risk. If you live here in BC make sure you visit the newly renovated Britannia Beach Mining Museum, I have had a chance to visit off limits parts of this mine because my brother was involved in some the work to reduce the acid drainage issues.
A few more pictures

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