Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am the "Evil gun Lobby"

I belong to Canadiangunnutz (aka CGN) forum, a very active firearm forum on all things firearms and associated sports. It has about 70,000 members. Apparently certain Liberal politicans have been claiming CGN is part of the "Evil gun lobby funded by the NRA" They are wrong on 2 points, first the Liberals would not recognize a grassroots organization if it came up and slapped in the face, mainly as the Liberals are all about "big money" (hence their current funding problems). also if they bothered to check facts (Not a liberal strongpoint)they would note that the NRA is barred by it's own rules from donating money outside of the USA.

Firearm organizations in Canada do talk and visit the NRA and vis versa. However the Gun control groups do the same with their US counterparts and the firearm "Lobby" has never received a penny from government,unlike the gun control groups here that fed off the Liberal teat for years (Remember Adscam?) They still receive money from the Police Chief Associations. Meanwhile the "Evil gun control lobby" has to do with personal donations and membership fees. Which means that I and people like me are the "Evil gun Lobby" and I wear my badge with honour.

I have posted below Greentips (Owner of CGN)response to the bogus claims.

We have been reading the latest rhetoric's from certain politicians about our website. First of all, we must thank certain newspapers for giving us the exposure! We appreciate it!

Apparently, we have been elevated to the status of an Evil Radical NRA-funded Gun Lobby!! We will love to be funded by the NRA but to the disappointment of many we do not get any money out of any evil gun lobbies.

Let us say again: We do not get a single penny from any "gun lobbies or advocacy groups". Some people may think CSSA and NFA (the real gun lobbies) are "sponsors" of this website because of their banners. The sad truth for all firearms hating politicians and journalists is that : we did not get a single penny out of these organizations! Actually to the contrary, we are putting their banners up for free so our members will think of giving them money!

If we are anything, we are just tens of thousands of Evil Radical Grass root Canadians that have real jobs and pay real tax. We are in your offices, your workshops, your schools, your neighborhood, your churches(or temples/Mosques/religious joints)....And yes, we are spending too much time on the Internet!

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