Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sigh are the Liberals truly that dumb?

What amazes me about the Liberal ads about the fighter jets is that they don’t realize how they are being setup. Everytime they say we will cancel the deal and use the money elsewhere all I can say is: Sea KingChretion’s cancellation of that program costs us huge amounts of money and a decade of procurement sorrow that is still ongoing. Cancelling the F-35 contract and using the money elsewhere is just another repeat of that fiasco.
I not a huge fan of the current fighter jet buy plan, I much prefer a model like the Aussies are doing using a mix of Super Hornets (including Growlers) and a buy of the F-35. In my mind this reduces the risk of having the whole fleet grounded at once and increases the number of airframes.
If the Liberals would say ‘We need to quickly run a competition to determine if this is the best choice and will do so immediately upon entering office” I might buy that. It certainly not as catchy as their current platform, but rather more reality based. The Liberals created this mess by not replacing major military items and allowing so many systems to rust out at the same time everything is at a crisis point (there are more equipment issues out there that have yet to make the headlines).

Mind you the Liberals have still not figured that the Long Gun Registry is another perfect stick for the Tories to beat them with. The best thing in that regards is for the Tories to win enough seats to get rid of it and have the whole sorry affair disappear into history. But I know the Liberals would rather drown than to cast off their holy millstone.

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