Monday, June 6, 2011

The death Rae

The Liberals (or the mortal remains) are still not quite dead, but we have hope! They have appointed Bob Rae to lead them out (more likely further in) of the darkness. Bob Rae had been the Premier of Ontario where his legacy is that of "Rae days" The hatred I hear many Ontarions voices when they speak of those times is still quite strong and vibrant, from both left and right.
On top of his baggage he also was a hardcore NDP type and one has to wonder if he is a agent of the Laytonites with a mission to destroy the Liberals in order that there will be no threat from other left wing parties to challenge the new postion of the NDP as the "Loyal opposition". Sounds tinfoilish but Socialists for all their fault are good at taking the long view on achieving their objectives.

Here is my suggestion to the Young Liberals on how to save your party. Invite all of the old guard to a convention, once they are inside throw all of their policy documents inside, bolt the doors and burn the place down. About the only one I would keep around to provide wise counsel is Bill Graham. Only then can you actually stand a chance at building a party that's not contaminated with the "natural governing party of Canada" crap. Plus throw out stupid policies like the gun registry and banning guns, stuff like that is a millstone around your necks. You have about 10 years to get the job done, study everything about the early days of the Reform Party learn from them, build your base around real issues that people will support thick and thin. I also suggest you change the name a bit to something like the "New Liberals"

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