Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the faithful gather

"The Chalice"

Update, well that was a nail biter, I suspect this series will be about which team makes the first mistake rather than which is better. I will predict that the playoffs goes the full 7 games.

 The faithful gather tonite, to cheer their disciples along, the most devoted (and rich) trundle to the temple, while the lesser ones huddle around their TV's or big screens in the pubs. To be fair the Canucks have rewarded their faithful with some good games and now are neck and neck with the Boston Bruins to decide the fate of the Stanly cup. I dare not predict what happens, but the Canucks fans are out in force today wearing many generations of Canuck Jerseys. As I left downtown today the crowds and excitement were building. I hope they win if not for the sake of the Canucks, but for the sake of the fans who having been devoted through thick and thin. Bit more on the game times here

The Bruins do have a sense of humour judging by their ads.

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