Sunday, June 13, 2010

Self defence is a Canadian right

Canada laws are mind boggling. It’s illegal to carry something for self-defence, but it’s not illegal to use force, including deadly force to defend yourself. There has been about 6 recent cases that back this right where citizens used deadly force in self defence.
But it takes more than tools to protect yourselves or your loved ones. The first step is become aware of your surroundings, get to know your neighbours, get to know who the patterns in the area, so you can spot that which is odd. Don’t wander around in a daze glued to your Ipod, especially at night. Awareness is your first defence, If you are going to carry bear/dog spray, get to know how to use it, buy two cans and practice with one. Martial Arts are great being good for mind, soul and body. If you have daughters like me teach them to be aware, have self respect and how to defend themselves. Don’t teach your kids to be victims.

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