Monday, June 14, 2010


My first job out of school (besides being in the reserves) was working for Dave China Tree Service. It was hard, sometimes dangerous work. The climbers varied from skilled to semi-dangerous. One workmate was a reformed alcoholic reborn Christian and the other a career alcoholic that lived in the Granville Street Hotel. It made for some interesting days. It was a great job for a young guy and they played pranks on me like “Get the skyhook” and “Left handed screwdriver” I left that job with 68 stitches in my face, luckily I had a good doctor sew me up and can barely see the scar. Topping trees 60’ up means you have no where to run when things go bad! A good faller is amazing and can read the tree and get it to land exactly where they want it. So when these guys come to work for you, give them a coffee, say thank you. They might make it look easy, but is anything but.

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