Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Off camping for the next few days

Closest picture I could find

Well I spent the night fixing the van/camper which we won 4 days of rental with at a charity auction. The owners claim they use it all the time… maybe not based on what I can see. The kids though are excited , this will be a new adventure for them, going to take them to Cultus lake, lots for them to do there. The wife is not so excited, she likes her comforts and still is sleeping with an electric blanket in this heat. She gave me a very dirty look when I explained there is no electricity at the site. This is what I get for marrying a tropical girl! Hopefully all will go well and I will be able to convince my wife to try tent camping again. The first time up in Riske Creek in early June didn’t go so well! The marriage barely survived that one!

Anyways I shall not be posting for a few days till we get back and then I am off to Ottawa for a week of life draining meetings on business process. I will try to blog a bit while I am there as well. I have noticed a small but steady stream of visitors including folks from Sweden, Germany and various parts of South America. Welcome and thank you for stopping by and reading, it is appreciated.

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