Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Police: Cost of Bribe Nearly Doubles

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Nothing like “market pressures” to influence the cost of doing business. Corruption is a chain that drags the economy down, I saw this in painful detail while visiting Venezuela. It is amazing how it can stifle life and small business. Be thankful we live in a country where corruption is not the norm, unlike Russia

The average bribe has nearly doubled from 23,000 rubles ($760) last year to 40,000 rubles ($1,320) in the first six months of 2010, the Interior Ministry said Tuesday.

Bribes have become more expensive because those engaged in the widespread practice are rejecting small bribes as too risky amid a Kremlin-led fight against corruption, the ministry said.

"The authorities are fighting corruption, and bribery has become more dangerous," said Albert Istomin, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry's department for fighting economic crimes, which released the new bribe figures.

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