Saturday, August 7, 2010

The seeds of a thousand dictators

Simon Bolivar was supposed to have uttered on his death bed; “I fear I have laid the seeds of a thousand dictators” Whether he said it or not, he did help create the conditions in South America for dictators to flourish. Now hopeful “President for Life” Hugo Chavez has decided to dig up Bolivar for what seems the bizarre hope to prove that Columbia poisoned him. No doubt in attempt to divert the Venezuelan people from the mere trifles of life like food shortages, soon to be followed by beer shortages. I predict that when Chavez destroys the only beer making company in Venezuela there will be revolution. I spent some time in there in the 90’s visiting my brother’s mining camp in the jungles and traveling around. Very different than other places in South America . The corruption was so intense you feared the police more than the crooks. Mind you while traveling with a bunch of Venezuelans we met what must have been the only honest cop there, he refused to take a bribe and handed the money back stating he did not take bribes, the locals were stunned, their jaws literal dropped and it’s all they could talk about. That cop created a glimmer of hope in those people that night, I hope he is still able to be honest in these hard times.
I also noticed that the country produced almost nothing except for Oil, Music and Women (stunning and amazingly beautiful women that is.)

More on the politics of digging up bodies here.

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