Saturday, September 18, 2010

Afghan Polls Close

Cautiously optimistic news, the more chances the Afghans have of influencing their future and getting an education, the less they will tolerate radical nutbars like the Taliban. If you are feeling war weary, get used to it, fighting groups like the Taliban requires a lot of time, because you need to change the conditions on the ground which these groups flourish in. The Taliban have long recognized that education and any form of democracy is poison for them, hence their targeting of schools, Tribal elders and government officials.

Afghans cast their ballots for a new parliament Saturday, despite rocket and bomb attacks during elections seen as a key test of the government's fight against the Taliban and corruption. As the polls officially closed, the Interior Ministry said at least 11 civilians and three policeman were killed and dozens more injured.

Afghans across much of the country voted Saturday in the face of Taliban threats and scattered acts of violence that marred - but did not seriously disrupt - the parliamentary election.

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