Saturday, September 18, 2010

Police being paid to access the registry?

Is the Government paying for police to access the gun registry? Apparently an unidentified police officer has claimed that his department receives money every time they access the system. Hmmm very interesting, might have to ask pointed questions to some people and organizations. This is still a unconfirmed rumour at this point, you can see below a quote from a letter sent to a M.P. for clarification.

The second item which I would request clarification on is information I have received regarding the usage of the firearms registry. While I have no factual data regarding this, the source has been 100% reliable in the past.

I was told, that the ‘hits’ on the registry not only provide police with information but further are a source of revenue for these agencies.

It was explained to me, that the Liberal government of the day, created a fund which would financially reward policing agencies for accessing the database. As they were having serious difficulty getting cities and provinces to ‘buy into’ the registry, they would transfer funding to these agencies. My source believed the ‘hit funding’ was about $27.00 per call.

If in fact this is correct, it would go a long way to explaining the obsessive dedication that the Canadian Association of Chief’s of Police have for the database. It would also provide me with an explanation why the president of the association claims that the registry only costs 4 million per year (See posts below). I suspect that that is the funding the City of Toronto receives for utilizing the registry.

If the above is factual, the case could be made that the federal government is in fact paying the police to access the database. If this scenario was correct, it’s value as a crime fighting tool would seem to be less important than as a ‘off the books’ funding source.

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