Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The countdown has begun

Will the gun Registry be voted down today? I am not sure, I would like to believe that it will, but powerful forces are at work, the Liberals and NDP have pulled out all of the stops and people who have talked to NDP M.P.’s who have switched their votes were given the distinct impression that the Party leadership told them; “the vote is not whipped but you shall be whipped if you don’t vote the way we tell you”.

The Libs and NDP are spending a lot of political capital to stop this vote and that will likely come back to haunt them. A lot of gun registry supporters made a lot of claims, if the vote fails and this becomes an election issue you can bet those claims will be dissected and any flaws widely exposed, the blogosphere is merciless. If it fails the CPC can tell their supporters they did everything a minority government could do and the only way forward for gun owners is a CPC majority. So for the CPC it would mean more money, votes and volunteers.

The NDP has been forced to finally show it’s true colours, the old party is dead, the new party does not represent the average Canadian and that will be the price they pay at election time.

If by chance the vote goes through by some Lib suddenly “feeling ill” or a NDPer finds a backbone, then the work of dismantling the registry begins. It will need to be killed dead and stake driven through it’s heart so it may not rise again.

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