Friday, September 24, 2010

Ocean Falls in pictures

An absolutely stunning collection of hundreds of photographs of both the old and present Ocean Falls. The viewing album on the link is well done and easy to use, grab a coffee and spend an hour looking at this piece of BC History and hopefully a place of future opportunities. The dam still provides power for the locals and for Bella Bella many miles away.

Approximately 480 km north of Vancouver, 170 km northeast of Port Hardy and 88 km west of Bella Coola. Ocean Falls is perched beside the deep waters of Cousins Inlet, 24 km from the open Pacific.

Our community of 35 fulltime residents and 100 addtional seasonal residents is divided into two neighbourhoods. Ocean Falls Townsite is on the right and Martin Valley is on the left. The road between them is approximately 1.5 km. You can just see a bit of water above the townsite, this is Link Lake which is 19km long and has great fresh water fishing. There is a hydroelectric dam and waterfall just above the townsite.

Pictures at this link


  1. I was wondering Colin if you still reside in Ocean Falls?

  2. No I never lived there, but I have visited a couple times and have helped with some of the projects up there. Just a very interesting place. I hope one day they can make more of a community up there.