Monday, September 20, 2010


Below is an apt description of Israel politics, from an Israeli who posted it on a forum I frequent, other Israelis and people familiar with the country felt it was a very good description of how the puzzle palace works over there. For more mundane descriptions go here and here is a somewhat dated but amusing piece on their political parties. As Canadians we have much to learn from them as to how to run a minority government, certainly their political turmoil makes ours a tempest in a tea pot. a thank you to Tezfa for allowing me to quote him.

But Israeli external politics depend a lot on Israeli internal politics, and those are totally FUBARed.
Basically our elected representatives are like a bunch of epileptic monkeys with grenades locked in a cage. The cage in turn is surrounded by drunken spectators. Some of them try to make the monkeys do tricks by offering them free bananas, some try to overturn the cage, and others try to set it on fire.

So what comes out as a result is a balancing act, where any given government, consisting of a bunch of monkeys who manage to climb on top of the pile, spends most of its effort on not letting the other monkeys overwhelm them, while at the same time preforming tricks to get their bananas, and trying to fend off the pyromaniacs.
Occasionally a couple of monkeys will actually throw their grenades and then we get something like the Oslo accords. But most of the time what comes out is a balancing act, and the result of it inevitably is trying to walk the middle ground.

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