Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of school for my baby!

My oldest daughter has her first day at school today. She is very excited about going, we homeschooled her for kindergarten, so school with a whole bunch of kids will be a new experience for her, I expect some steep learning curves for her, but suspect she will do well.
It’s been a learning curve for me as well, it’s hard to let my baby go and trust others to protect her. I believe I have given her some solid training to look after herself, hopefully so.
My wife just left to visit family in Malaysia so I took time off of work to be nearby if my daughter has issues at school. Had to figure out new routines for her and us and I suspect I have overpacked her lunch! I also suspect my younger daughter is going to miss her sister a lot! But I plan to use this time to have one on one time with the youngest one, something I have not been able to give her much and feel a little guilty on that account.
When my youngest was about to be born, I wondered how I was going to love another child like I love my first, well the love part comes easy I found. But the logistics of love is harder. The oldest feels cheated because you can’t give her as much time as before, but does not realize she had something the youngest will never have, the undivided attention of her parents. The youngest doesn’t realize she missed out of something and that’s a good thing. Harder on the parents than the kid!

Well better check we got everything packed and it’s off to school.

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